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Tennis Rules

Use of courts
Only Chadds Walk HOA members in good standing may use the tennis courts. Non-residents may only use the courts if accompanied by an HOA member.
Tennis etiquette and facility hours
Courts are for tennis only. Skateboards, inline skates, bicycles, scooters, crayons, paints, pets and other non-tennis materials and activities are not allowed.
  • Smoking and glass containers are not allowed on the courts or under the tennis pavilion.
  • Tennis facility hours are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Children under 8 years of age may play only under the supervision of an adult.
Tennis attire and care of facilities
  • Proper tennis attire is required. Cleats, running shoes or other footwear that may damage the courts are not allowed. Shirts must be worn.
  • After play, remove all your trash from courts or pavilion area. This includes trash left by guests or opposing league teams. Note: League teams are encouraged to bring a trash can up from the parking lot during matches. Please roll the can back into place after matches or practices.  
  • Court lights should be turned off after play if no other players are waiting to play.
  • League captains should contact the tennis committee chair to request access to bathrooms or the storage trunk. Tennis supplies from the trunk, such as scorekeepers and tablecloths, should be returned after play.
Court reservations
  • Chadds Walk HOA members may reserve courts using the online reservation system ( Online reservations take precedent over any walk-up players.
  • The courts may be reserved seven days in advance.
  • Courts may be reserved for individual play for up to two hours.
  • If a court is not being used 15 minutes after the reserved start time, the court is forfeited. Please be courteous and cancel reservations if your plans change.
  • Reservations of a court for private lessons must be cleared through the tennis chairperson.
Court reservations for league teams/special circumstances
  • Captains of ALTA, USTA, and other league teams should schedule their matches and practices with the tennis chairperson as far in advance as possible to guarantee court time.
  • Teams may ask the tennis committee chair to block all three courts for matches.
  • Teams may request the tennis chair block up to two courts for 2 hours each for practices once per week.
  • If a Chadds Walk team must reschedule a home match due to weather or other extreme circumstances, and another homeowner has a previously scheduled team practice or individual booking, every effort should be made to accommodate both parties’ needs. Note: If a team must complete a match by a certain deadline, team matches will have priority over non-league matches, and may override court bookings for team practices or individual bookings if approved by the tennis committee chair.
League team membership
  • Chadds Walk HOA members in good standing may participate on any team appropriate for their skill level. Non-residents may participate on Chadds Walk teams for $25 per season. Juniors are $15 per season.
  • Captains should make all efforts to turn in their roster and all non-resident fees to the HOA tennis chair BEFORE the start of the season. Funds will be used for the general upkeep of the tennis facilities.
League team composition
  • Chadds Walk tennis captains should strive to fill rosters with as many Chadds Walk residents as possible.
  • Captains should make all efforts to add Chadds Walk residents to their teams if the resident’s skill level is appropriate for the team. The captain may decline a Chadds Walk player’s request in extreme circumstances only, including if the addition of the player would elevate the team by more than one flight or level. If there is an overabundance of teams wishing to play out of Chadds Walk, teams with a higher percentage of Chadds Walk residents have priority in using Chadds Walk as their home courts. The second “tiebreaker” in determining priority is the number of continuous seasons the team has used Chadds Walk as its home.
Please visit the Contact Us page and select “Tennis” from the drop-down.