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Password for tennis court entrances
First Fence has installed the new gates that feature a pin lock similar to what is on the exterior gate at the Fairville pool. Locking gates have been installed on all four entrances, so when you are done using the courts, please make sure that all the gates are closed. Please do not distribute the code to anyone, including your children (unless they actually play tennis). We hope that these new gates will keep kids off the courts during swim breaks and discourage future vandalism so we can keep the tennis courts in good shape for the future.

Interested in playing Chadds Walk tennis?  Go to the Contact Us page and select "Tennis" to send us a message or contact the team captain directly (contact info. is in our online directory).  Chadds Walk has multiple teams through ALTA, USTA and others for all four seasons.  We hope to see you on the courts soon!
Want to start a new team? Please contact Kerry Bossak. 


Chadds Walk Tennis Courts
2146 Spindrift Court, Marietta, GA  30062